Jayanti Rawat



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Customers rated 10/10 for my services.

Customer Experience

Customers rated 10/10 for their experience.

I have ever known you since I was a student at ILBS, and sitting besides you gave me a stillness among the chaos in my mind. I always know, that you take complex tasks and fulfill them simply. Afterwards I have trusted you for my needs better than me, and make yourself available for me at the oddest of hours. I have and will always come back to you for the complicated (well! that's what they are for me) investments.

Dr. Anamika Sharma

I know Mrs Jayati Rawat since last 10 years. She is working with Max Life Insurance. She is associated with me as trained insurance advisor since 2019. She keep me informing about the company performance from time to time. I strongly recommend her for insurance services.

Dr Manish Tandon
Senior Consultant

Dear Jayanti Rawat, Heartiest congratulations on making your mark as a proud MDRT in 2021. It is great to see your dedication and hardwork bring in such glory at a forum like MDRT. I am sure this is only the beginning of a remarkable journey where you shall achieve many milestones as you progress ahead. An MDRT recognition plays an instrumental role in advancing people in their social & business circle while also boosting their professional credibility and net worth in the industry at large. Hence Max Life agency is marching on an ambitious 1000 STRONG MDRT mission this year and you are an integral part of this journey. I trust that you would leverage all our enablers like high productivity bonus and JFM Cruise convention, and currently, our cheapest protection term plan rates in the market, to fulfil your MDRT goals. Here's wishing you the very best for MORT 2022. May you beat the best & repeat your success

Shiv Maheshwari
Max Life Insurance

Dear Jayanti Rawat, Hope you are doing well and FY22 saw your dreams and aspirations come true, both personally and professionally. While we would be meeting in person across different platforms like Councils, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and express how excited I am to be joining this great team as Head of Agency from May onwards. Having joined Max Life in 2006, I have had the opportunity of leading our Group Business channel from inception and then our fast growing Customer Advisory Team (CAT) channel until now. I would like to thank Shiv for his immaculate leadership in guiding and creating the legacy of Agency as it stands today, with the relentless support of professionals like yourself. Heartiest congratulations on Max Life Agency crossing 1000 Crore this year. 70% growth in VNB, 460 MDRTs and 26% growth in top advisor count — these are no mean feats, kudos to your passion and hard work With an unwavering focus, the way you adapted and adopted the physical to digital to phygital way of working is truly commendable. I firmly believe in our values of Care, Collaboration, Customer Obsession and Growth mindset and it is indeed heartening to see that your work too resonates these very ethos, making our Agency stand apart and stand tall in the industry. As we have now carved out a mission of 2500 Crore for FY23-26, Councils and #100 MRDTStrong this year, I am sure you would play a pivotal role in making these come true. In fact. your valuable insights and feedback helped us launch this year a powerful suite of enablers including simplified & enhanced compensation structure and the game changing LIFE ADVISOR program for you. I look forward to seeing you in your zones and offices and build upon a strong partnership ahead. I am sending your way a small token of gratitude with this letter. Let this the beginning of a strong innings of challenges to win and successes to celebrate.

Rakesh Pandey
EVP & Head - Agency, Max Life Insurance